Model School

This course is designed for you to get the maximum out of you and making your dream become reality.

We work across the North, The Midlands and the South of England. 4 week courses running around the country are priced @ £299

Courses typically run of an evening starting 6pm / 4 hours.The courses are from 3 different age groups male and female

  • Mini – 8 to 12 years
  • Teen – 13 to 16 years
  • Adults – 17 plus

The fashion shows will run on a Sunday afternoon set in a fantastic venue.

Courses passed will be accompanied with certificate of excellence.

What To Expect with our top models and artists

  • – Professional posing stances, the model will work 1 on 1 so she / he will adapt to your height and your best features.
  • – Industry based make up and hair with top stylists and MUA’s off sets.
  • – Castings, can you record a casting and get chosen?
  • – Social media, we help you build your platform to be seen globally.
  • – Finally you are invited to a top fashion show where you could potentially be scouted. This fashion show is where you put everything you have learnt in practice.