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Photo shoot for IHG

Fee: £600 inc. for each of the 4 main characters (one of the friends is an
£200 inc for 6x extras – one on the friends, five for the busker… we’ll
shoot somewhere busy for both of these.

Usage: 6 months online and PR for IHG.


a) 2 X NEIGHBOURS – was told verbally it was two females… I’d suggest we
look at 40s. But could easily be a guy and girl. If we use their house this
could be a bonus location fee!! Please check with the models you know the

b) BUSKER – Steve requested a saxophonist… but not sure how important that
is, a real musician would be great. If we use a real busker, can you check
where they busk, we might use this?

c) 2 X FRIENDS – nothing too specific below… was told this was a female,
20s. But again thats open to some interpretation.

It’s really important that the photos reflect Steve’s style, so striking
facial features, ethnic jewellery, tattoos, hairstyles….. etc. Nothing
that is ‘everyday’ and plain

We would like our photos to communicate ‘recognition’ as it is understood in
the following definition: ‘making an individual feel special, unique, and
appreciated, and rewarded for achieving something’.

With this definition in mind, we propose that our images capture either the
‘moments of recognition’ – ie. the special, personal moments between two
individuals when one person shows this ‘recognition’ to somebody else – OR
the gestures involved in these moments.

In terms of models for the shoots, as mentioned we’d love a mixture of
groups ranging in age, gender, culture etc. The ethnicity we need to
incorporate are Chinese, Latin American and North American/European

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