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Summary I am looking for 2 elderly actors for a strong and emotional spot. They are  looking for strong subtle actors. The story is told without dialogue so the  emphasis is on small moments and subtle expressions.
The director likes believable characters with strong personalities and interesting characterful faces .He wants a “character casting” no smooth pub faces so but people with charisma and talent, who can play subtle and realistic.

Our elderly couple although aged are NOT frail

An elderly man is attempting to prepare a meal for his wife who is returning home from hospital – his wife does the cooking usually so he is not really sure what he is doing and is uncomfortable but he is also very passionate, meticulous and trying to cook with great dedication and love.

Shoot: BELGIUM  Thursday May 4th – Travel to Belgium (Eurostar) Friday May 5th – SHOOT Saturday May 6th – Return travel to UK

Fee: Adults – x 1 day shoot on location BSF: £400 (10hr day inc 1 x hr for lunch) x 1 Travel/Rest/Rehearsal: @ 50%  £200 per day – x 2 Overtime: Calculated @ 1/5 of the BSF per hour Wardrobe  Fitting: £50 £850 per adult All fees inclusive of agency % • Valid travel document needed. * Passport must be valid +6 months NOTES: • Casting Call-Back FEES (if required) allow £50 re-call fee per adult • Per diem for arrival day, (down day) £50 in local currency (not on  departure day) • Production will cover reasonable costs for transport to and from UK  Airport, flight costs to location, airport and set transportation on location, + accommodation on  location Usage Territory: Belgium ONLY Media: TV + Internet inc social media, FB, YT, client website etc Duration:  12 months from date of first broadcast Usage Fee: £2,400 per adult – Payable on date of first broadcast all fees inclusive of agency %

Suggestions now please for:

ELDERLY MAN (Male, playing age 70 – 88) The man is a likeable man aged about 80, a friendly senior who  is cute. He may be a little awkward, because of his age and his lack of  cooking experience. Throughout the spot we feel that it is his first time  he’s cooking. Uncomfortable, but very passionate, meticulously and with  great dedication and love. Looking for great lived in characterful faces and  great actors * The French actor Jean D’Ormesson is a very good reference for the agency

ELDERLY WOMAN (Female, playing age 68 – 88) WOMAN approx 80yrs- The woman is as old as he. The ideal cute  and adorable granny. Looking for great lived in characterful faces and great  actors

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