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Casting: TBA

Fee: All expenses will be covered and we can pay £300 in total.


MALE: Our character and his journey. Ideally playing age between 20 and 35, lean built male, intense gaze and physically fit – there will be a fair bit of running! Alone and afraid in the wilderness, our character comes across something  alien that ignites a blinding fury within,  compelling him to run towards an  unknown location. This emotion grows from a seemingly empowering, prideful  anger that keeps him safe in this hostile land, to an all consuming rage  that he cant control, manifesting itself physically – his very skin starts to ash and blister – all the while his journey continues with a building  fervor, ignorant to fatigue. Eventually his travels take him to a glimmer of  redemption, and as images of terror and violence invade his mind, our  character aims to break anger’s hold on him by any means – before he burns  to ashes.

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